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So I thought of a new addition to that I'm going to add.
"Is it weird?"
Here's how it works..
Step 1
Something questionably weird happens
Step 2
Post questionably weird thing to the "is it weird?" page
(consequently the post is virused out to all known social channels)
Step 3
People decide if it's weird.
Options would be: "yeah that's weird" "nah bro" and "meh"
Sub categories/filters: "by joe jiko", "by randoms", "definitely weird", "iffy"
I personally think it will be hilarious and informative. I've decided it will definitely be useful for me to be able to gauge how weird life is according to you random people.
Leave a comment if you're a human with an opinion or a suggestion.
(Otherwise, i'll have to assume you're an aids-infested mostly-decomposed zombie slut-whore)

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