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If you want to be made into a pokemon, please message me on my art page  Joe Jiko  (or leave a comment if you're on mobile) with the pokemon you'd like to be :)
No duplicates, so check the ones that have already been done! [click here  to view the  gallery]
As of right now (5/27 @ 11pm EST) I have a request for Vulpix, Ninetails, Jynx, Eevee, and  Flareon.
Before you complain about having to go to my facebook page to message me, these things take me 1-3 hours each to complete so shut up and do it! :3
I'm not doing any more today, but I'll be making more in my "free time" this month as I feel like it. I'll stop when I get to 25.
Here's the link again: https://facebook.com/joejikocom

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