magnum and bullets

"Give every illegal Mexican immigrant a magnum and a full box of rounds, then toss them back into Mexico. See what happens. Gun laws are so strict in mexico, the honest Mexicans can't defend themselves against the dishonest, gun-wielding drug lords. Do the American thing, and give them all guns."
I always end up having some interesting conversations with my dad. Tonight, it was about the future of this country, problems we're facing, the trend of global communication and business, among other things. He forwarded me an article about 3 Missouri state laws passed 2007-2009 which have solved their problem of illegal immigrants.
american and missouri state flag
One law sets English as the state's official language and plainly states that illegals will not have access to state government benefits such as food stamps and health care. With English being the official language, no one can demand government services to be in another language. 2008 required police officers to verify the immigration status of any person arrested and in 2009 they passed a law so that Colleges have to certify with the state each year that they are not knowingly awarding financial aid to illegals. Missouri's solution to demand English, reveal illegals as criminals, and prohibit paying for education to students who are unlawful seems to be working. Hopefully Florida catches on to the trending laws in Arizona and Missouri. We've got to do something to control our spending & award benefits only to the people contributing to them.

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