I'm generally not friends with fat people.
Mostly not because they're fat, but because they're fucking mean, miserable people.
According to Google fat is defined as:

Fat Adjective (of a person or animal) Having a large amount of excess flesh.

Being offended when someone says you're fat is like being offended when someone observes the color of your hair.
You're either fat or not.
However, "skinny" is an offensive term defined as:

Skinny Adjective (of a person or part of their body) Unattractively thin.

Unattractively thin. Notice the definition for fat has no mention of attractiveness? It's a state of being, an observation. Like the color of one's hair.
Yet, somehow, "skinny" is an acceptable term and "fat" is not.
If you have good mental health, you will have a strong desire to maintain the health of your body.
Fact: Fat people have more psychological issues. (specifically mood disorders)
Go ahead and Google it if you want. Try "fat people mental health"
Having a healthy body does not guarantee mental health.. but it does improve the likelihood.
Fat sympathizers are almost as bad as the fat people themselves!
I don't hate people for their body, but i am frustrated that anyone could be so uncaring about themselves and uncaring about the people around them.
It's not difficult to maintain a healthy body.
It's difficult to attain a healthy body after you've neglected it for an extended period of time.
No, being fat is not okay.
Your medical bills, risk for surgery will be higher. It's the ultimate selfish, lazy lifestyle.
The reason people get so offended by the word "fat" is because they KNOW they're doing something wrong.
They know & want your approval.
I'm not going to tell someone fat how to live their life. But they sure as hell should be aware of the consequences.
Try working in a hospital. Ask a doctor if they'd rather operate on an average size person or an obese person. Ask them about risk.
Go ask your doctor how many children have diabetes and heart disease. And then tell me that obesity is OK.
If you have a fat friend that you say you care about You should care enough to talk to them about something that is GOING TO KILL THEM

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