(04:50:23 PM) Matt A: did you see google web designer or whatever

(04:50:43 PM) Joe: uhhh i don't think so

(04:50:46 PM) Matt A: https://www.google.com/webdesigner/

(04:51:06 PM) Joe: yeah i google'd just now haha

(04:51:10 PM) Joe: "mac and pc" meh

(04:51:19 PM) Matt A: wat

(04:51:20 PM) Joe: the interface looks like photoshop

(04:51:31 PM) Matt A: yeah like blatant ps ripoff

(04:51:44 PM) Matt A: maybe ill learn it

(04:51:44 PM) Joe: whatever at least it won't be a safari like GIMP

(04:51:51 PM) Joe: it's like hunting lions in there

(04:52:04 PM) Matt A: ive never even used gimp

(04:52:04 PM) Joe: thought i clicked the zoom tool but it was an anaconda!

(04:52:09 PM) Matt A: lol

(04:52:19 PM) Joe: the fucking color sampler shortcut is O

(04:52:23 PM) Joe: why. why is it fucking O?

(04:52:33 PM) Matt A: iwonder what i is

(04:52:43 PM) Joe: scissor

(04:52:46 PM) Joe: :|

(04:52:48 PM) Matt A: ah. of course.

(04:52:51 PM) Matt A: scissor.

(04:52:53 PM) Matt A: yeah.

(04:53:00 PM) Joe: wtf even is that

(04:53:09 PM) Joe: that's what i think 100% of the time i use gimp

(04:53:10 PM) Matt A: for scissoring i presume

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