I've already ruled out any problems from the videocard and other hard drives.
Usually when the BIOS doesn't show it's an obvious motherboard issue.. not a good sign.
But this is literally a week old motherboard.. so that led me to look into other options.
From the events that followed (Windows said it was doing something and restarting.. then no boot after restarting) I've surmised that, somehow, Windows 8 managed to corrupt the BIOS image.
The plan is to reset the CMOS battery.. and hope.
Any suggestions in case this doesn't work?
It worked!
There are two ways to reset the CMOS from the motherboard
1) pull the CMOS battery out for a few seconds
2) find the jumper that resets the cmos and swap configurations for a few seconds.
With either of these methods, make sure to turn everything off and unplug the power supply beforehand.

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