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Here's the text version..
Me: Bum a stranger's phone
Psch around here, you'd get raped
Me: face your fears
Hah, I'll pass. I want my baby to live
Me: rape doesn't equal death. lol your other option is getting fired/being raped in the wallet. so..
Lol if you get beat? most stories of rape end in death. You see it on the news
me: you trust everything you see on the news?
Rape? Yeah.
me: 25% chance of being raped in your life, 4% chance of it being by a stranger Death occurs in approximately 0.1% of all rape cases
Why are you defending rape? Lol
me: I'm not. i'm telling you there's no reason to be scared to ask someone to use their phone
me: how the fuck did you gather i was defending rape??

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