It's been awhile since the last Retard Of The Day and I felt the need to share this conversation I had on Twitter.

She obviously didn't see the solution I was offering or the concept I was suggesting.
You will always be confronted with problems in life that don't have an obvious solution. You can either complain about it (which does nothing to solve your issue) or you can seek out a fix.
There's always an excuse.
In this case, the person was too short sighted to realize that the gas prices weren't her problem. That may appear to be the case on the surface, but if you break it down, there are several pieces to consider.
Gas prices would only bother you if you're using gas.
So, you can:
1) stop using gasoline
2) reduce the amount of gasoline you use
3) do nothing
Each approach has it's own set of options and solutions.
Ride a bike. Take the bus. Car pool.
So what if they raise gas prices? We're the ones who continue to choose to be consumers of gasoline.
Her final reaction was to block me. Not an uncommon reaction. Some days I think that I'll never understand people.
Why would you block a person who went out of their way to engage you in a positive way? Even if she disagrees with me (obviously she did) what harm does it do?
Should we simply block all who oppose us?
Leave your comments below ;)

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