my day was just made better by a poor old lady wearing too much lipstick
although, in my opinion, that's not as bad as the "too much perfume" old ladies.
here's the short story:
in publix i was looking at the bolthouse farms section and couldn't find the droids c-boost smoothie i was looking for.
there was a lady standing next to me, holding an open sales ad in her hands and inspecting the price tags.
stereotypical enough?
well, i was perfectly content to ignore her and continue with my selection (as seems the social norm), except..
she leaned over to me and said "these are 2 for $4", pointing at the odwalla on the shelf.
we had a short discussion about how odwalla is too pasty and how much more lively the boldhouse smoothies are..
at the end of it all, she was smiling and asked my name.. then thanked me for helping her make a decision.
such a simple interaction. so simple. yet, why is it such a rare thing?
nobody looks at each other in public anymore. nobody talks.
people pretend they're the only one in the whole store and none of them talk.
as i was walking away i almost felt like crying.
(i wouldn't actually cry, of course. crying causes wrinkles.)
what do you think about the general unfriendliness of our culture? write your answer in the comments below!

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