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UPGRADE MATERIALS (and where to get them)

  • Rusted Bit
    Common collectible

  • Glass Gemstone
    Common collectible

  • Sturdy Helixhorn
    Leukorn (75% horn break), Duplicorn (10% horn break) (Old Lestallum hunts)

  • Metal Scrap
    Common collectible

  • Coeurl Whiskers
    Coeurl (50%, SW Duscae), Elder Coeurl (100%, Taelpar Rest Area hunt)

  • Cactuar Needle
    Collectible south of Vesperpool, enemy rarely appears in various places

  • Dynamo
    Collectible (Outside Glacial Grotto)

  • Sky Gemstone
    A Feline Feast sidequest

  • Hydraulic Cylinder
    Collectible (north of Fort Vaullerey)

  • Magnetron
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Magitek Core
    Collectible (Gralea)

  • Monster Claw
    Bandersnatch (100%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Barbed Scythe
    Killer Wasp (75%, Malmalam Thicket)

  • Earth Gemstone
    Common Collectible

  • Spiked Armor
    Skarnbulette (75%, break appendage, Cauthess Rest area hunt)

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