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----- Chat fromThursday, March 22, 2012 -----
>>> Joe Jiko wrote <<<
[1:25 pm] that's my 45 minute PQ redesign
[1:25 pm] LOL
>>> Steven S wrote <<<
[1:25 pm] lol
[1:25 pm] what are you supposed to do in 45 minutes to a site thats total anus?
>>> Joe Jiko wrote <<<
[1:26 pm] exactly!
[1:26 pm] it's like someone said "if you could visualize the word 'anus' in a website.."
[1:26 pm] and then created PQ
>>> Steven S wrote <<<
[1:26 pm] ahah
Notes: I was given the task of redesigning the website above. The challenge? I was told to only spend 30-45 minutes on it. Usually, website design is a process involving market research, content planning, user experience consideration, and several other factors included in the creative design process that can take weeks! I came up with this mockup by cutting and reorganizing their current content which, in my opinion, is significantly better than their current display. They rejected it and I ended up creating a clone of another website with their branding. Oh well. Even if I know better, it's usually better to give the client what they want!

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