The last time that you told me that you cared
I thought a moment, changed my mind, and stared
I could see a slow appearing figure on your face
an unappealing sign, an image of disgrace.
Only seen to me were the words you could not hide
written on your forehead "I'm an endless sack of lies"
I smiled and I left you standing there all alone
you called me fifty times by the time that I got home
and every time I saw the messages upon my phone
I was sad to realise I didn't care deep down to the bone
you lost your solo chance to open up the doors
to create our own fairy tales and lores
we can never be a dream come true
not when we exist as me and you
you've stained the purest water of my soul
and now i'll leave you in your hole
of drunken misery and long lasting hate
diseased, your mind will ruin all of those you touch
why didn't I see it first?
I hate you so goddamn much.

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