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This is an end game/post game build guide. I made this because I hate watching videos but also because a lot of people want to know and there weren't a lot of friendly resources :)


Offensive Stance, Zero Zero, Primer, Ghostwalker, Tornado Blade, True Stream Edge, Rising Blade, Blossom Dance
*Zero Zero is learned after completing Celica's affinity quest.
To get Celica (and access to Celica's affinity quest) you must complete these missions:
- New in New LA (Celica joins)
A Girl's Wings
*Blossom Dance is learned after Nagi's affinity quest: Reporting for Duty.

Class Skills

Fast Forward (Galactic Knight Rank 5)
Supreme Sword (Blast Fencer Rank 10)
Aura Assault (Blast Fencer Rank 7)
Ether Boost (Blast Fencer Rank 2)
Core Crusher (Psycorruptor Rank 10)


Ultra Nebulan Dryads III (Dual Guns)
Note: or anything Ultra dropped from lv.60+ enemies with Potential Up/Potential Boost
Bewitched Glaive: Receding Rust (Longswords)
Note: Dropped from Noctilum tyrant Lugalbanda, the Wanderer-King (lv.88 chimera) near 209.. You'll want to watch the guide video to see the location. Make sure it has attribute Ether! To kill it.. scout some badasses. Look for lv. 60 drifters with dual guns/longswords at the squad console ;)


Anything Ultra Infinite with HP, TP, potential up. Dropped from lv.60+ enemies.


Arts: Gain TP XX (3)
Melee Attack Up XX (3)
Potential Up XX (4)
Note: If you go to engineer an augment and you notice it shows ???, that's because you haven't found the first material needed to craft it. Get 1 of the material and it will show up!
If you want to see where things are and more explanations watch the video by Chaosloki

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