Life ballad

on an evening dark and dreary
there was a blizzard, with parents weary
a boy was born!
to adventures alone,
monsters, and dragons, and many homes.
with his computer lit bright,
all the gadgets in hand,
he tackled the world,
and won many friends.

Waiting for [Poem]

the sounds to fade away
the ticking as the time delays
the absence of my brakes today
the tools i need for work to do
the means to drive away to you
the cure to all the pain i feel
the day when everything seems real
the moment i can step aside
the ability to be alive

More thoughts. more memories. made into art

Whirring motion in the air
clicking sounds,
unfocused glare

Flashing lights,
carpet stains,
bits of broken food remains.

screaming voices,
scattered sounds,
as the world spins around.

empty bottles,
shattered glass,
where did i just come from last?

more thoughts.. can you handle it?

crashing through the days
looking back it seems so long ago
just yesterday i felt some hope
now, today, i feel so lost
what chance will be thrown at me
tomorrow or after
will i be there to take it
or will i be lost
among the allusions of time
and where will you be?

By request, this is for a girl you don’t know

she sits alone
high up in a city full of hope
thinking up a storm of ambition
while not knowing exactly what she wants
moving onward
towards an ever-extending ladder
into the stars

early into the morning
connecting to a soul
lost among the crowd of unfortunates
abandoned, but not alone
together for a moment
sharing the early part of the day
and forgetting for the moment
how hard life really is

reality comes at last
and they divide
among their separate paths
into their separate lives
far away
residual blurs of a passing time
all that remains
optically burned into their minds
a lingering feeling..
that could be happiness.

A fragment of my thoughts

waking every morning
to the sound of your heart beating
every single second drags away
with the pressure of necessity
and as the silence falls away
and the world wakes to join you
consciousness seems such a burden
and all the thoughts you had
return to haunt the spreading light of life
as shadow rises instead of the dawn
and the faces you thought you recognized
are blurry trails of forget

A name gives you nothing

a name gives you nothing
other than a reference for the memories you made
but memories are smoke to some
forgotten and replaced
the good is taken by the bad
and soon there's nothing left to hold you up
slowly I am displaced
my body and my mind destroyed
and evaporated into silence

Sitting on the floor alone

sitting on the floor alone
while murmurs from the air behind
determine fate for me, confined,
the remnants of this broken home
bury shards of hate inside
and threaten to destroy all hope

what life is there for those without choice
freedom given with a price
never fulfilling promises long made
they left me to hold on
while slowly dissolving the only hold I had
and now it has detached-
and I'm falling

here the bottom of the pit
comes swiftly to meet me
and all I think is silence
for what more can I possibly feel
I, who is no more than a piece of paper.
I can't feel,
or so they say.

I know I feel but how do I prove it
it's obvious that they feel so much more than I
since I have reached my expiration date
and am overdo to be thrown away
no one wants a piece of trash
although it never bothered them
and recycling takes too much thought,

The last time that you told me that you cared

The last time that you told me that you cared
I thought a moment, changed my mind, and stared
I could see a slow appearing figure on your face
an unappealing sign, an image of disgrace.
Only seen to me were the words you could not hide
written on your forehead "I'm an endless sack of lies"

I smiled and I left you standing there all alone
you called me fifty times by the time that I got home
and every time I saw the messages upon my phone
I was sad to realise I didn't care deep down to the bone
you lost your solo chance to open up the doors
to create our own fairy tales and lores

we can never be a dream come true
not when we exist as me and you
you've stained the purest water of my soul
and now i'll leave you in your hole
of drunken misery and long lasting hate
diseased, your mind will ruin all of those you touch
why didn't I see it first?
I hate you so goddamn much.

The end of the world

The end of the world
comes on swift wings.
A fatal concoction
of terrible things.
Weapons of death
and air of disease.
Fire and violence.
An absence of trees.
But i'm glad that it's ending;
we can finally be free.
So come take my hand
and die close to me.