Zeah Vs. Space Invader


"There's no way I'm letting you get past me you invader!"

PS, She broke out of her METAL crate while I was at work yesterday. How does that even happen??

Does your pet do any unique tricks? Tell me about it in the comments!

Japanese Scare Tactics

A series of pranks done on a number of Japanese victims. I'm not normally on youtube, but this definitely caught my attention.

3 videos uploaded to youtube


I've had a YouTube account for awhile, but I just recently decided to start using it. Since my computer's processor sucks, the audio slows down at some points, and the video lags at others. Also, it takes me several tries to upload videos to YouTube. It's so frustrating. If you guys like my videos, please let me know.. I'll make some more. :)

Highway construction workers


1up come play mario


Lost Pen


I also have a Stickam account: