samsung sch-r450 messager failed

Text me your phone number again!

If you don't have my number,

You can send a text message to: [email protected].
Make sure to include your name and phone number.


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Here's the story

A couple of weeks ago I went to plug in my phone and noticed the screen went blank. The battery still had half it's life when I looked at it last, so I tried turning it on. No luck. My phone was a brick! The next day I had to wait in line at a metroPCS store in St. Petersburg. It wasn't too bad of a wait, the people were nice. They charged me 10$ for a replacement phone and sent me on my way. I still have all the pictures, music, and sounds that I saved or put on my microSD card, but everyone's numbers are gone. Over 600 people. Gone.

I tried to get a different phone, so the same shit doesn't happen again, but the next phone up (samsung finesse) is $349 and they wouldn't let me just pay the difference. Apparently, the Samsung SCH-r450 is quite glitchy. It sucks that I managed to make it fail after only a month and a half.

So, if I haven't texted you in the past 2 weeks it's most likely because I no longer have your number.

I have 45 numbers in my phone now. It's kind of frustrating knowing that half of my friends wait for me to text them. I wonder how long it will take to get everyone back.

Can't sleep at home

My parents are opposite to my sleeping schedule. They fall asleep around 10-11pm, and wake up at 6-7am. It's fine for them, because I'm quiet at night, even though I don't usually try for sleep until after 2am. If I go to sleep early, 2am, I'm getting about 3.5 hours of sleep before my little brother and sister are awake making noise like hell.

This morning, it was like they were trying to fuck with me an make as much noise as possible. I'm sitting in the bed awake, listening to the sound of clanking dishes which turns into a crash as my dad drops two of them, and then transforms into the thunder of a vacuum sucking up the broken pieces of plate.

Not to mention the fact that even with AC, the little kids run in and out of the house all the time. They often forget to close the doors, so the 97+ degree heat is pulled right in. Awesome. Because everyone loves trying to sleep when you're soaking in your own sweat and being bombarded by miniature human percussion.


Strange Dream (aim conversation)





joejiko (10:09:08  AM): i havent slept all night

joejiko (10:09:15  AM): i had some weird dream about an asian family

mariah (10:09:24  AM): So you did sleep

joejiko (10:09:27  AM): no

mariah (10:09:31  AM): yes

joejiko (10:09:34  AM): it was like.. meditation?

joejiko (10:09:39  AM): or a vision or something

joejiko (10:09:44  AM): because i was still aware of the real world

joejiko (10:09:52  AM): while watching this vision thing

mariah (10:09:58  AM): LOL!

joejiko (10:10:01  AM): i just called it a dream so you'd understand better

mariah (10:10:10  AM): ok

joejiko (10:10:19  AM): but anyway

joejiko (10:10:22  AM): idk what the point was

joejiko (10:10:29  AM): but it was located somewhere in tampa

joejiko (10:10:32  AM): i was driving around

joejiko (10:10:35  AM): and i got lost

joejiko (10:10:44  AM): but i was like.. idk if i should ask for directions

joejiko (10:10:48  AM): cause this place is ghetto

joejiko (10:10:51  AM): but i stopped anyway

joejiko (10:10:58  AM): but my breaks didnt work or something

joejiko (10:11:02  AM): and i ran over some black guy's record??

mariah (10:11:12  AM): LOLOLOL

joejiko (10:11:13  AM): and i was like OMG SORRY MY BREAKS DIDNT WORK

joejiko (10:11:19  AM): then they magically worked

joejiko (10:11:26  AM): and i parked in a parking lot

joejiko (10:11:32  AM): that was magically in front of the black peoples' house

mariah (10:11:33  AM): WTF?

joejiko (10:11:40  AM): and i offered them all cigarettes

joejiko (10:11:56  AM): and some guy offered me one

joejiko (10:11:59  AM): but it was a menthol cool

joejiko (10:12:01  AM): and i was like ew

joejiko (10:12:06  AM): or a camel smooth

joejiko (10:12:08  AM): which isn't real

joejiko (10:12:12  AM): but i hate camels and smooths

joejiko (10:12:17  AM): but anyway

joejiko (10:12:24  AM): half the cigarettes were retarded

joejiko (10:12:33  AM): and this cigarette carton must've been huge

joejiko (10:12:37  AM): because there was rolling paper

joejiko (10:12:43  AM): and like.. full tobacco leaves and shit in it

joejiko (10:12:55  AM): but then i left the black people

joejiko (10:12:59  AM): and ended up at some apartments

joejiko (10:13:05  AM): and i walked into someone's house

joejiko (10:13:12  AM): but it was like a restaurant

joejiko (10:13:15  AM): and they made me food

joejiko (10:13:26  AM): and there were these two hot asian girls

joejiko (10:13:31  AM): they might've been twins

joejiko (10:13:37  AM): but they didn't talk

joejiko (10:13:42  AM): it was soo weird

joejiko (10:13:55  AM): but their family loved me for some reason

joejiko (10:13:57  AM): and made me tons of food

joejiko (10:14:06  AM): and then they were poor all of a sudden

joejiko (10:14:13  AM): and i was hanging out with this one asian girl

joejiko (10:14:25  AM): i don't remember anything else

joejiko (10:14:26  AM): blah.

mariah (10:14:53  AM): Yaaa, that was a dream.

mariah (10:15:03  AM): Dreams dont make logical sense, and that my dear.

mariah (10:15:07  AM): mande no sense at all

mariah (10:15:11  AM): made*

joejiko (10:15:14  AM): it makes sense

joejiko (10:15:18  AM): i just haven't figured it out yet

joejiko (10:15:22  AM): and it's not a dream

joejiko (10:15:30  AM): it's a visual communication from my subconscious mind

Rock Crusher

38 Special - Trooper With An Attitude
Found at

Today I went to a concert with some friends of mine in Homosassa, FL. If you ever want to experience American culture, go to a southern rock concert. I don't remember all the bands, but the big two were Outlaw and .38 Special. 38 Special are the guys responsible for the entire Super Troopers soundtrack. Don't quote me on that, some psycho drunk bitch told me about it. In fact, I just looked it up and they're only responsible for the first song. So she was wrong. Big surprise. I met this girl as I was sitting in my seat, watching the movement of the guitarist's fingers. She leaned into my ear and tells me I need to act like I'm enjoying it better. I tried to convince her that I was enjoying it just fine, which was an entirely true statement; however, she was obsessed with trying to get me to fully appreciate the glory of the band.

I can't remember this girl's name anymore, but she was so incredibly drunk. She would lean into my ear to tell me little tidbits of drunken sentences. It was so uncomfortable. She stared at me so intently. I think she was horny, but I wasn't really interested. She was hot, but I just wasn't in the mood to fuck around with random strangers. I can usually tell when a girl is one of the crazies.. and this girl definitely was. The people I was with, were all laughing about it, saying I should've kissed her and gotten it over with. I think that getting laid isn't nearly as important as not getting stalked for the rest of forever! Besides, it's not like I'm desperate. I'm very selective.

Oh, another interesting thing that happened: these two girls came up to me and asked if they could take a picture of my hair. They were cute too. One of them said she was a hair stylist or something. It was very flattering, but they couldn't get their cameras to work, haha. I told them to Google me. That's what I get for going to a southern rock concert with "emo" hair, tight jeans, and a black shirt.

Now I'm sitting at my friend James' house, on the couch. I took a percaset to help me sleep, but I doubt it'll be very effective. I feel productive, and I really don't want to waste it. Work tomorrow at 3pm, and it's an hour drive from here in Homosassa. Hopefully I can remember to keep this blog updated. Maybe it will help me be a better writer for when I go to college in the fall.

I'm going to go work on the layout for Spine Design. Goodnight blog.

Love Is [Poem]

driving endless miles of road
on plastic strands of hope
a face inside my mind alight
all that makes the future bright

now my being is restricted
by all my emotions, conflicted
sudden changes must be made
to ensure my happiness won't fade

is it worth it, i don't know
as my feelings start to grow
deeper down a blackened well
feeling like a prison cell

have i found the one for me?
i don't know what's meant to be
dare i hope i will not fall
dare i start to tear the wall

i guess i'll know the answers soon
staring at the dying moon
waiting for the sun to rise
waiting for that big surprise.

29 Jun, 2008