my agenda today.. what are you doing today?

Today's agenda:

  • put music on droid

  • meet with a new client in st. pete at 12

  • visit parents with Zeah

  • evening: meet up with a friend to remove a virus from his computer

How about you? What are you doing today?   :-)

Rejected by @TacoBell? Okay, fine. My #boycott starts today.

[caption id="attachment_296" align="alignleft" width="178" caption="No more Taco Bell"][/caption]

Tonight, as in approximately 30-45 minutes ago, my roommate and I decided to take a nighttime bicycle ride to a nearby Taco Bell location. The choice to bike instead of drive was made in an effort to be more economically friendly and gain some daily exercise. We approached the establishment to find that their lobby had recently closed, but their drive-thru was still operational. Finding ourselves slightly inconvenienced, we decide to wait in the small line at the drive-thru. Although there were no "rules of the drive-thru" posted to exclude bicycle traffic, the employee rudely rejected our order, and informed us that we must be in a vehicle to purchase food through the drive-thru. Upon attempting to protest-and still trying to give Taco Bell our business-we were cut short by this employee and told to go elsewhere.

"Florida’s Bicycle Laws
In Florida the bicycle is legally defined as a vehicle. Bicyclists have the same rights to the roadways... [source] [supporting Florida statute]"

In conclusion, we returned home and ordered a full meal from Mugs 'N' Jugs instead. Yeah, we could've driven back to Taco Bell after we got home, but the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouths. No more Taco Bell for a long, long while.

Dear Lexmark, Your printer instructions are fail.

[caption id="attachment_292" align="alignleft" width="250" caption="lexmark 100 ink set"][/caption]

I had a very upset customer come into the store carrying his recently purchased Lexmark Prospect Pro205. He was  adamant  about returning the printer and didn't want to hear otherwise. I was able to  coerce  him into sharing with me his pain point: the printer kept telling him his ink wasn't installed. Well, he followed the instructions. All the ink was in the right place. What was going on? The instructions never told him to remove the seal!

On all new ink cartridges of every brand there will be a seal, usually orange, to make sure the ink stays fresh. If you don't remove it, the ink won't fit. It's up in the air whether the blame for the inability to install the ink correctly should be placed on Lexmark or the customer.

"i dont hug fat chicks lol"

[caption id="attachment_276" align="aligncenter" width="464" caption="04/25"]facebook chat 04/25[/caption]


Sierra Curtier  9:33  pm
lol joe do u remember some girl named racheal green?

Joe Jiko  9:33  pm
show me faces
idc about names.

Sierra Curtier  9:33  pm
ok hangon
okay well its not that important but i remember one time she was with me while i was walking to target and i saw you and you gave me a hug and she asked for one and you said...i dont hug fat chicks lol

Joe Jiko  9:35  pm
i am such a fucking G

Sierra Curtier  9:35  pm
i agree<3

Joe Jiko  9:35  pm
seriously. i just died laughing.

Sierra Curtier  9:36  pm
i dont know why people dont like ur attitude :) i think its amazing haha

tattoo concept #1 Godzilla destroying tokyo

Tattoo concept #1 - "Godzilla destroying tokyo"

Location: upper back

Design elements

  • japanese rising sun

  • godzilla/gojira

  • "gojira" in katakana

  • city of tokyo silhouette

  • tokyo tower

  • mount fuji


  • wide-angled scene of tokyo being destroyed by godzilla. godzilla is standing on the left shoulder, 20% margin from the left, facing to the right with his mouth open & the rising sun coming up behind him and extending over the shoulder in a fading gradient. he's actively engaged in destroying the city but is gazing outward as if to attack the onlooker. the japanese "GOJIRA" written vertically just to the right of his mouth. in the background, on the right, mount fuji. Somewhere in the scene of tokyo should be tokyo tower.

  • godzilla should be drawn with the most amount of detail possible but without over-detailing. comic or anime-style is preferred. he should look powerful & dangerous but not evil.

  • some of the tokyo buildings should be smashed and/or on fire.


  • Full color or selective color. Tokyo should be a black silhouette, maybe the buildings closest could have some color.. mount fuji can either be silhouetted or colored. The rising sun must be red. Gojira must be colored or the whole thing just won't feel as powerful..

Additional notes:

This should be an original artwork. I don't necessarily like the Classic look of godzilla. I am looking for a more modern and clean-looking illustration of Tokyo's giant lizard that resembles him, but overhauls his appearence and image.

Supporting images:

*click to view full size image

  • mount fuji

  • godzilla poster with japanese "gojira" written in katakana

  • blue godzilla

  • godzilla destroying tokyo

  • tokyo city

  • tokyo city

  • tokyo city with mount fuji in the background

  • aerial birds eye view of tokyo city

  • tokyo tower at night

  • tokyo city with tokyo tower and mount fuji in the background

  • tokyo city at sunset with tokyo tower and mount fuji in the background


dear @popsicle, what happened to swirlwinds? Can I have them back please?

I probably bought $200 worth of these during the summer. :(

[caption id="attachment_247" align="aligncenter" width="216" caption="popsicle swirlwinds"][/caption]

Since nobody carries them anymore, I had to settle for some Dora the Explorer.. but I'm not impressed. *sighhh

[caption id="attachment_248" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="popsicle dora"][/caption]

Thought cloud of Attractive and Unattractive qualities in women (or people in general)

I received an email today from a friend of mine with this question. I decided to devote some thought to it and see what answers I could pull from my twitter/facebook community.

My list

attractive qualities:
honesty, compassion, understanding.
respectful, classy, articulate, intelligent, educated, curious

must be able to listen, compromise and problem solve without becoming upset
in control of herself and her emotions
loyal, thoughtful, selfless

aware of her strengths and weaknesses
socially active, friendly, and engaging

healthy, physically active, sports or exercise

unattractive qualities:
jealousy, excessive anger, intolerance, need for control
disorganized, obsessive, messy, dirty, vulgar


acting out for attention, inappropriate dress

physically lashing out, pushy, abuse

From twitter:

"Attractive: Being strong and powerfu. i.e. @JENNIWOWW"

"Girls who "need" you. #unattractive"

"Girls who eat like slobs.  #unattractive"

@inshaneshane "girls who consistently whine  #unattractive"

@m0llybee "An outgoing personality is attractive, sluttiness isnt."

@mandagoesrawr "attractive: when a girl knows they are classy sassy & confident without having anyone tell them..unattractive: extreme insecurity"

@ardehp "(unattractive: girls)  that don't take the pill when they have a regular fling every few days. Why force the men to wear tight latex around them?"

From Facebook:

Elle Harmer "I'd say lack of self... not being able to define herself without an outside romantic influence"

Thanks to everyone who contributed :)