Keep track of your friends!

I had this idea while I was coming home from work.

A calendar/reminder system that sets up days to check in with your friends.

It would work like this

  • connect to facebook to import your friends

  • select a few of your "close friends"

  • generate reminders

The app would then fill in the next 30 days with

  • up to 5 of your closest friends

  • 20 random people from your friend list (preferably these people would be active facebook users)

  • 5 random people who live near you

Each day on the calendar would have that day's person's profile photo.

On a person's day, all of their facebook posts will be displayed and any other activity I can glean from the Graph API. This data will also be emailed.

This would help expose you to people's lives you might otherwise have missed.


Would you use something like this?