Daydream about a machine that cancels out ice cream truck music

I've lost count of how many times I've been irritated by ice cream truck music. Not sure if it's the loudness of it, the tune they're using, or the pitch, but something about it makes me instantly irritable and anxious.

no-ice-cream-trucksSo I was thinking, would it be possible to broadcast BACK a reverse sound wave and cancel it out?

I don't know too much about the technicalities of it but I imagine I'd need to get my hand on the recordings they use, make a reverse copy, and have some sort of real-time music analysis (like Shazam).

then play it back. preferably at a higher dB.

How are these creeps still in business anyway? There's a publix 1 block to the east and a sweet bay 1 block to the west.



But for real, anyone know if the reverse ice cream truck annoyance ray is possible?

We can build it with a raspberry pi


Got suckered into going to a party. Surprisingly 90% female and no fatties.

Posted an observation to facebook.
Received emotionally loaded attacks.

"Don't dis on the fatties!. I'm a fattie! I thought you loved me.    Guess I was wrong."

"Thats actually an incredibly rude thing to say...
I mean you're obviously entitled to your own opinion but after all of the things I see you say about how everyone is a person and we should all just strive to be nice and acceptable to everyone else, it's kind of like a contradiction for you to say something so blatantly rude..."

What?? An observation cannot be rude!

Being fat is a physical state of being. It's an observable fact, not rude.

The definition of fat is:

(of a person or animal) Having a large amount of excess flesh.

Observing that someone is fat is no different than seeing someone with blue eyes and saying that they have blue eyes.

"Hey you have blue eyes!"

"That's so rude!"

Ridiculous, right? Somehow our culture ties the word "fat" into something offensive. It's not.

Some people like blue eyes and some people prefer brown eyes. That's an opinion.

That someone has a color eye or excess flesh is a fact.

"It is rude, though, the way you said it.
I mean obviously, if someone is overweight or whatever, it's not being an asshole, but the way that you said it wasn't like "Oh, she's heavier than most of the other girls" or in an acceptable way. It was "lol 90% skinny bitches and no fatties scoooore" which kind of disgusts me because I didnt think you were that shallow"

That's a lot of emotional assumptions there. I am not you.

Also, I never stated my opinion!

Somehow there's the assumption that

1) if there are no "fatties" than everyone is skinny.
This was not the case.

2) there was no mention of what i personally thought about the situation.
for all anyone knows, i was disappointed that nobody there was fat. (i wasn't, just surprised)

3) saying the word fat does not make you shallow!
It doesn't matter how you say it. Somebody is either fat or not.

An example of a "shallow" person and fat people would be something like:

"We had a great conversation and she seems like a nice person but I don't want to be around her because she's fat!"

In related news, the word skinny is offensive!

"Some people are attracted to specific types. That doesn't make them shallow."

"Fat girls are the greatest, something to hold on to, more to love, more room for tattoos, bigger boobs. I'm curvy and proud    your loss joe."

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This food is so good!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had somebody decide to share their opinion of how "good" the food is?

I've always found this strange.

Not everyone likes the same food or orders the same thing.

People make generic statements about how they enjoyed something but they're really making a huge assumption that you're exactly like them!

I always tell people that there's no such thing as good or bad.   Both concepts are entirely subjective.

Everybody has a different life and a different view.

Just because you think something is good, doesn't mean everyone does.

Food for thought :)

Why is it OK to tell someone they're "too skinny" but not OK to tell a person they're "too fat"?

Notice the word "unattractively" in the definition. When you call somebody skinny, what you're saying is "you're body is too small and it's unattractive to me".

When you say the word fat, what you're saying is "You have a large amount of excess flesh" but it never mentions anything about whether that's attractive or not!

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Name your price- Coyote Van Shakedown "Sinker" album available for download

From Coyote Van Shakedown
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ROTD: Buying cigarettes with Welfare.. and Degree Arrogance

* NOTE: This post is still in progress and will be updated when I get time to add commentary.
* Another note: This doesn't end well


I don't see why people make a big deal about people on welfare buying cigarettes

They don't get that much money a month so who cares if they buy a few packs a month?

I get the feeling idiots think they get thousands of dollars every month

Lol no try like under 800


that's $800 a month given to them for free.. because they aren't willing to seek a means of providing for themselves?

isn't it meant to be a temporary assistance? people on our entitlement programs never get off them once they're on.


some people are disabled and can't work.


that's not welfare, that's disability.


if you've never been on food stamps or disability you really don't get it


i have more than enough experience to get it.

also, there are plenty of disabled people who find ways to work. we do have the Internet after all.


So you have had herniated discs in your back in which you can't sit or stand for long, limiting work options?


I fell off a 3-story house.. among other things. Also, I've known and helped hundreds of people with disabilities.


Okay, that is your situation. Not every situation is the same, so you can't claim to understand theirs because that is impossible.


i think you might've missed something..

it's not impossible to understand a situation through observation and empathy..


If you help others, then why is it you find to argue with @MurderousMarie over the amount and length? Seems contradictive.

I missed nothing; I read the whole conversation. You claim that people abuse the system because they are lazy and unwilling to

find a job, yet here you tell me you have helped 100s whom were on disability. You claim you have experience, yet my point is that

you don't know EVERYONE's story. Each person is different. If they want smokes from their disability, then let them have cigs. Just

because they are getting government money, doesn't mean that smokes is them being lazy. You are making a huge assumption that all

people getting "free money" are lazy and don't want jobs. Yet you tell me you know people who have been in the same position with

disability. So shouldn't you know better than to judge so quickly off the few small things @MurderousMarie said?


it's not a claim. People do abuse the system. Many, many people abuse it.

"finding a job" isn't the only way to support yourself.

the issue was welfare, not disability. Welfare is used to provide resources to sustain a person's life.. cigarettes do not

i never said i know everyone's story. i'm not interested in the minority of people who may have a legit need

there was no judgment made. you're making a lot of assumptions yourself here.

also, it's not "government" money. YOU are paying for these people who are in turn using it to kill themselves.

yes, cigarettes cause cancer. Or are you going to argue that too?

A product that does not provide wellness should not be bought with welfare. That is my only point.


I'm not assuming. My opinions come from the statements you wrote in reply to @MurderousMarie's tweets and to me.

Junk food does not provide wellness. Should that be allowed to be purchased?

Also cigs, while harmful, do provide a source of relief from stress/anxiety. It can help those who are down and out to be

less worked up. Stress and anxiety damage the body too. I'm not promoting such behavior, but it is true.


there's a difference between junk food that might cause unwellness and cigarettes that 100% will cause unwellness.

that's a myth. cigarettes do not relieve stress or anxiety. the FACT is that cigarettes actually increase anxiety.

here you go: … and …

there are no positive effects of cigarettes. every chemical works to kill you.


Forgive me, I wasn't clear. It's not scientifically true that it relieves stress as you stated, but from a mental stand point it

does through repeatitive movements and the way nicotine affects the body. It's a temporary relief, a calming pattern created

through classical conditioning .


then it cannot be proven and is irrelevant.


It is not irrelevant. It's proven through Classical Conditioning. It's all mental and learned.


well, thanks for the discussion but if you're going to make statements that can't be proven..

murder is also learned and may be relaxing for some.. that doesn't mean our tax dollars have to support it.

kind of ironic that you're suggesting we support people's self-destructive, obsessive tendancies in order to relax them.


Did you miss the part where I specifically said, and I quote, "I'm not promoting such behavior, but it is true."

I'm not supporting anything, do not twist my words. I'm stating psychology facts about human behavior. Get it straight.

Murder is not learned, it can be a mental deficiency in the brain. Its a disorder; sociopath, psychopath. We do pay tax dollars to

support them via harboring them in jail and giving them food to stay alive. But that is off topic.


well, it's not true.. and new behavior can be learned to replace cigarette smoking. the mind is quite adaptive.

if you're arguing about conditioning, the smoker can condition themselves with other calming behavior.

murder can be learned and can be a mental deficiency. just as anxiety can be.


They can, but it's difficult given the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. It's takes time & patience. It's not as easy as it sounds.

No, you can't learn anxiety, you can only learn to fear something.


if you don't support it then what are you arguing? i don't care if people want to smoke cigarettes or they think it calms

i care that they're wasting resources allocated to keep them alive and healthy to a product that does the opposite

the minor benefit of psycosomatic calming that SOME people might feel is not a valid reason to support those people

anxiety doesn't require fear.


Anxiety is a bodily response to a threat that is typically generalized and unspecific. A threat elicits fear of an unpleasant end.

I feel like I'm talking to a wall right now, wasting my breath and unable to get through.

I have anxiety. Sometimes it gets so bad that I have a cig. That cig provides a distraction from my anxiety resulting in me claiming down.

I shouldn't smoke, but it's a habit I got in to. It's a quick and easy fix, helpful in a handful of situations.


incorrect. Please read: …


Dude, I'm a Psychology major. I know what I'm talking about. You can't believe everything on google or such a simple definition.

Please stop talking if you're going to use Google to validate your points. I don't have time for this nonsense. It hurts my degree.

@ieatgingers Can you support the fact that a cigarette relieves your stress and tension?

@ieatgingers Good. As can I. Because apparently @JoeJiko doesn't believe in such a thing, trying to throw google science in my face.

My degree weeps with how easily people will believe the things they read on google


i trust google more than your degree. In case you aren't aware, content that shows up on google is often created by people with degrees.

actually, I threw a dictionary definition in your face. But whatever makes you feel better.


Content is also created by morons who think they know something. I trust books, scholarly articles, & research before Google.

Why do you think google references are not allowed in research papers or or scholarly articles? Lmfao.

There is a difference between a definition and the actual psychological outline for anxiety and fear, but okay then!


and another difference between that and your understanding.


There is no room for understanding. It's point blank facts! Are you kidding me? It's proven and documented for a reason.


it's nice that your degree has taught you how to be condescending and biased. Congrats kid.

google isn't a source of information. It's a catalog of information sources. You just sound ridiculous lol


that makes no sense! You can find the answer you WANT with the Internet. So it's not a valid resource. End of story dude.


"proven and documented" except you haven't proven or documented anything. so all you have is your word and understanding

have the conversation analysed by one of your professors you trust and get back to me.

i really don't feel like going into internet search theory and information filtering with you. perhaps another time.


I don't care to hear anything else from you. You obviously know everything since you can use Google. I'm going to stick with

the hard work I put in at college, the research I've completed, the scholarly articles I've read, and my well knowledgable profs.


show it to them and get 2nd opinion from someone you trust. Should be humbling.

it's amusing to me because you don't know a thing about my educational background and yet you assume you know better.


My head literally hurts from the stupidity of hearing how someone will trust the Internet over someone's well earned & researched knowledge.

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"flattered that you made a post about my bitching you out"

The following conversation is in response to my previous post here you should probably read that first or this post won't make as much sense.

I'm not sure why she considers her twitter response as "bitching" me out. But, whatever.

She didn't "drop" the issue. She blocked me. Dropping the issue would mean to move on, not to remove the person from communicating with you.

Not that it matters to me.
I'm not upset about it.

Apparently she's entertained as well.. so we all win?

Or wait, this wasn't a game! I don't think this is fun. I'm not amused.

People like this are frustrating. Verbally abusive. Hostile.
I am not OK with these things and I don't feel a loss from my connection to this girl being severed.

This is my blog. I'll say whatever I want about whatever I want.
Maybe in the process, it will be a benefit to other people.

Feel free to say whatever you want.. in the comments below!

Try thinking of ways to fix your problems.. then act on them instead of bitching.

It's been awhile since the last Retard Of The Day and I felt the need to share this conversation I had on Twitter.

She obviously didn't see the solution I was offering or the concept I was suggesting.

You will always be confronted with problems in life that don't have an obvious solution. You can either complain about it (which does nothing to solve your issue) or you can seek out a fix.

There's always an excuse.

In this case, the person was too short sighted to realize that the gas prices weren't her problem. That may appear to be the case on the surface, but if you break it down, there are several pieces to consider.

Gas prices would only bother you if you're using gas.

So, you can:
1) stop using gasoline
2) reduce the amount of gasoline you use
3) do nothing

Each approach has it's own set of options and solutions.
Ride a bike. Take the bus. Car pool.

So what if they raise gas prices? We're the ones who continue to choose to be consumers of gasoline.

Her final reaction was to block me. Not an uncommon reaction. Some days I think that I'll never understand people.

Why would you block a person who went out of their way to engage you in a positive way? Even if she disagrees with me (obviously she did) what harm does it do?

Should we simply block all who oppose us?

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my day was just made better by a poor old lady wearing too much lipstick

my day was just made better by a poor old lady wearing too much lipstick
although, in my opinion, that's not as bad as the "too much perfume" old ladies.

here's the short story:

in publix i was looking at the bolthouse farms section and couldn't find the droids c-boost smoothie i was looking for.
there was a lady standing next to me, holding an open sales ad in her hands and inspecting the price tags.

stereotypical enough?

well, i was perfectly content to ignore her and continue with my selection (as seems the social norm), except..

she leaned over to me and said "these are 2 for $4", pointing at the odwalla on the shelf.

we had a short discussion about how odwalla is too pasty and how much more lively the boldhouse smoothies are..

at the end of it all, she was smiling and asked my name.. then thanked me for helping her make a decision.

such a simple interaction. so simple. yet, why is it such a rare thing?

nobody looks at each other in public anymore. nobody talks.
people pretend they're the only one in the whole store and none of them talk.

as i was walking away i almost felt like crying.
(i wouldn't actually cry, of course. crying causes wrinkles.)

what do you think about the general unfriendliness of our culture? write your answer in the comments below!

The chance system

I'm curious to find out why people seem to assume there's always a second chance.

There isn't.

In fact, sometimes you don't even get ONE chance.

Your life is a single chance.
Every choice you make is a chance.
Every breath you take..

Simple enough, right?

If someone was willing to take a risk on you and give you a chance, you should be walking on eggshells to make sure you don't fuck it up.

The USCB estimates that the world population exceeded 7 billion on March 12, 2012.
That means if I gave every person 1 chance.. that would be 7 billion chances.

Unfortunately, I have a "chance giving" quota.
(It's very similar to my "fucks given" quota)

That means not all of you are going to get a single chance.
Actually.. almost none of you will.

These days there's a chance shortage.
So if you're one of the lucky few..

Don't fuck it up.

PS, I don't know who the fuck the USCB. I found that stat on Google.