Xenoblade DB Updates

Updates coming soon! Please email or tweet me if there's something you'd like to see added or something is broken :)


In my spree of updating miscellaneous things I messed up the full blog post views. It's fixed now but, you know, you guys can email me to let me know to fix my shit -_-


Going to be using Tumblr to post microblog-type content.

I'll still post longer things here, probably.

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Do I know you?

Why do people ask the question when it's clearly  rhetorical? Technically the answer is always "yes" because if you can address someone, you already know them.

define: know (verb) be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.

Setting up web deployment from Github

I've decided this is going to be my project tonight.

Basically I think it should work like this

1. Use Git to manage version history
already doing this

2. Store repository on Github
currently storing the repo on my HostGator server

3. Work locally and push commits to Github when ready
currently pushing commits straight to the bare repo on the server, which updates the working directory

4. Navigate to a Deploy interface and press a button to deploy the Master branch from Github

Leave a comment if you see a blaring mistake or if you'd like to know the results!

I bet you test your code in production


Joe Jiko
how do you teach love? o___O

By being it c:

Joe Jiko
but... robot -___--"
i didn't install any love software

Dont worry, I can reprogram you c:

Joe Jiko
that's scary! don't touch my programs D:

Shhhh, it's for the better

Joe Jiko
i bet you test your code in production

email with a designer, overheard

from: me
to: (designer)
subject: hi my PSD is organized


from: (designer)
to: me
subject: Re: hi my PSD is organized

ill just flatten it next time. then you'll just have the 1 layer.

from: me
to: (designer)
subject: Re: hi my PSD is organized

Thanks! That's way easier

<!doctype html>

<img src="background.jpg">


"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"

Erm.. or some scissors.


I disturbed a pair of scissors that were on a shelf in my bathroom.

I pulled my towel down after taking a shower this morning and they were hiding underneath.

I saw them fall and they would have landed on my foot if i hadn't moved it like a ninja!

Which got me wondering.. are their techniques to improve reflexes?

It also made me wonder about time perception. You know, the whole "bullet time" thing isn't unfounded.

But is it possible to consciously slow down the perception of time?

I once fell off a 2-story building. It felt like I was in the air forever.. as time slowed down.

Of course, it sped back up when I hit the ground.

That part sucked.

(image source  by daul)

Get your 8am xanax fix!

Just.. make sure you don't fuck up and go to the wrong house.

Some old, half-toothless man rang the doorbell this morning at 8am.

I thought it was a friend of mine coming to take me to work, but alas, it was not.

Here was this man missing half his teeth, holding his hand extended with a $10 bill.

Confused the shit out of me. I open the door and he's standing there, trying to give me money.

Anyway, with a short delay he decided it was time to speak. He said "I wanna get some of those xanax", at which point he actually half-smiled a little bit and in the most creepy way possible.

My response, obviously, was a simple and firm "no."

Not good enough for this guy!

"Your roommates then?"


"You're not the guy in the red car sitting out there that said to come upstairs for xanax?"


"Does he live here?"

"No. Bye."

And I closed the door.


Have you ever been woken up by a neighbor for something weird?

Tell me about it in the comments