Chrome ERROR 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error

Happened a few times before I got frustrated enough to look it up.

The problem is Kaspersky.

Kill Kaspersky.

Problem solved.


I’d also like to take the time to recommend an alternative: BitDefender

The interface is clean. The software is intuitive. Oh yeah, and I haven’t had any malware problems or strange 103 issues.

Update: I’ve since uninstalled bitdefender because it sometimes bans “unsafe websites” and there’s no override. Only way to get past the block is by uninstalling.



The problem seems to only occur on larger sites that use multiple servers.

Depending on the IP you get, sometimes the browser doesn’t like something in its HTTP headers.

More likely than not, it’s an anti-virus/internet security software issue.

So if you don’t have Kaspersky,

first find out what AVP (anti-virus program) you have,

then disable it.

Refresh the 103 error page.


Update: Saw a google groups post 3/12 that says Kaspersky has a patch out for this.

“Patch 17 – for Chrome”

Whatever that means..

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7 thoughts on “Chrome ERROR 103 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED): Unknown error”

    1. malwarebytes isn’t an active AVP, so it shouldn’t cause a problem.

      windows defender might be. Have you tried disabling it?

      Disable it and refresh the page

  1. Yup… confirmed.
    I’m running Kaspersky and killing it solved the problem.
    Unfortunately it’s a company’s computer so I can’t just switch to BitDefender ;(

    Anyway, thanks for that, cheers 😉

  2. Kaspersky is now checking by default for virus on https ports. So you need to turn this check off.

    Go to Kaspersky
    Go to “Anti-virus”
    Go to “Monitoring Ports”
    Go to “Settings”
    Uncheck https monitoring.

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