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Design update: the world ends with you


Moved some things around & added some visuals to give the homepage more character. If you've ever played the world ends with you, you might recognize the dialog box style :)

Design update: dark to light

See it on

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Wordpress (PHP) security compromised: eval base64_decode

Due to the security of Wordpress being compromised, I'll be migrating the blog content to a custom platform.

The main site may appear as a blank page periodically until the issue is resolved.

If you're encountering the eval(gzinflate(base64_decode())) issue in wordpress, here's a great article to help you in your struggle:

Thanks Greg!

And if you're feeling bold, this article has the command to remove all occurrences of the offending injected script:

The solution does require basic knowledge of unix commands & shell access to your hosting account (or a linux environment to run the commands on before re-upload)

Thankfully, I am using a version control system on most of the site files & it is relatively simple to correct any files that are maliciously modified. If you are having the same issue, I highly recommend you look in to using Git or some other system to be able to compare the history of your source files.

How to download Japanese DLC on MH4U

Instructions here:

It's actually not illegal.

Maybe it is something Capcom would prefer people don't do, but I have heard nothing of them taking action against anyone. As I see it, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of this method of early access to all the DLC.

Also.. here's a list of all MH4U DLC rules for SKFU Pr0xy that I generated (You'll need that.. or you can do it one-by-one as the guide guides you to do.. lol)

Download proxy rules

You're welcome!

And YES, this includes G-rank Gold Rathian/Silver Rathalos and G-rank Fatalis. Happy hunting!