Zeah lives!

Should've posted this sooner but it's been an intense week.

She survived having a 5lb tumor removed from her abdomen that was attached to her spleen (that was removed too, apparently it's not necessary)

Currently at Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Port Charlotte where she's getting a blood transfusion (because she was anemic) and will be recovering for the next few days.

She's currently staying in North Port with my parents while she recovers.

Thank you everyone who tuned in as the story played out.

If you'd like to donate towards paying back my grandpa (who paid for Zeah's surgery.. and without him she would've died tonight) let me know and I'll setup a paypal account or something.

dogs are smarter than cats

Deep down everybody knows it.

zeah staring down a cat

Eg. the border collie.

By the way, Zeah is a border collie ;)

Dogs have evolved to truly be a human's perfect companion.

Cats on the other hand.. haven't evolved at all due to their antisocial behavior and environmental unawareness.

Also, it would seem cats are unable to determine cause-effect.


Zeah Vs. Space Invader


"There's no way I'm letting you get past me you invader!"

PS, She broke out of her METAL crate while I was at work yesterday. How does that even happen??

Does your pet do any unique tricks? Tell me about it in the comments!

10 photos of Zeah

  1. too cool for school

  2. omnomnom!

  3. somebody's at the door!

  4. feelin the wind!

  5. kowabunga!

  6. brb, going to stock up on tennis balls.

  7. I don't know how I put up with this thing.. >___>

  8. get me off of this!

  9. gettin my fix!