100 truths (from 2009)

(went through my "notes" on facebook and deleted them. found this and thought it worth posting. Enjoy!)

The Rules:

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At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

You have to tag the person who tagged you.

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1. last beverage: Arizona green tea

2. last phone call: Amanda

3. last text message: Violet Mooney

4. last song you listened to: Some disturbed song playing in the other room

5. last time you cried: can't remember the last time.. I think it was when I was 17. My dad kicked me out of the house and I didn't know where to go.

6. dated someone twice: Most people don't get a second chance, but I dated Alexa Consiglieri twice. Love that girl :]

8. kissed someone & regretted it: Ahaha, kisses ain't no thang

9. lost someone special: I've lost my dog.. like 8 times.

10. been depressed: Try not to.

11. been drunk and threw up: Oh yes, but not often.


12. blue

13. green

14. red


15. Made a new friend: several

16. Fallen out of love: what's love?

17. Laughed until you cried: I don't laugh much.

18. Met someone who changed you: Good luck with that one.

19. Found out who your true friends were: Every day.

20. Found out someone was talking about you: People always talk about me >_>

21. Been to a concert?: Nope, haven't been doing much of that.


22. How many people on your fb friends list do you know in real life: Quite a few, actually. I know most of them, though.

24. Do you have any pets: Only Zeah.

25. Do you want to change your name: Already have.

26. What did you do for your last birthday: New York City with Amy Gaskins

28. What were you doing at midnight last night: Drunk, trying to sleep & dreading work this morning.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for: My life to start.

30. Last time you saw your Mother: Couple of days ago

31. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: I wish I had a piece of paper that would make people take me seriously before I shoved my skills in their face.

32. What are you listening to right now: My brother playing Xbox

33. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: Um, not recently.

34. What's getting on your nerves right now: People who talk instead of doing.

35. Most visited webpage: www.spine-network.com or twitter.com

37. Nicknames: joe, joey, jiko

38. Relationship Status: I don't need a status to define my relationships.

39. Zodiac sign: Pisces

40. He or She?: Who?

41. Elementary School?: Frank Porter Graham

42. Middle School: Culbeth

43. High School/College: Stonebridge, Culpeper County, Discovery School of VA

44. Hair color: drk brown/blond

45. Long or short: long and short

46. Height: Idk, the bitch at the doctor didn't tell me when I asked. My ID says 5'7"

47. Do you have a crush on someone?: What a stupid word, but I suppose several people meet the criteria.

48: What do you like about yourself?: Eyes, lips, hair & My personality is strong.

49. Piercings: 3

50. Tattoos: 0

51. Righty or lefty: both but mostly righty.


52. First surgery: Had a bunch of metal put in to fix my broken hip/femur

53. First piercing: ears

54. First best friend: My cousin Nathan Blais

55. First sport you joined: Soccer with Rainbow Soccer

56. First vacation: Florida, probably

58. First pair of trainers: uhhh


59. Eating: popsicle

60. Drinking: green tea

61. I'm about to: Do artsy stuff or talk to random people

62. Listening to: Some shit on TV

63. Waiting for: The money to get a new engine for my car.


64. Want kids?: Not my own, maybe I'll adopt.

65. Get Married?: Doubt it.

66. Career?: Business, Law or Accounting


67. Lips or eyes?: They're both so nice. Eyes are more fun to look at. Lips are more fun to touch.

68. Hugs or kisses: Hugs are lame, kiss me!

69. Shorter or taller: Doesn't matter.

70. Older or Younger: Older, but not by too much.

71. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous. The romantic shit gets old.

72. Nice stomach or nice arms: No stomach please.

73. Sensitive or loud: Sensitive

74. Hook-up or relationship: Hook-up with the intent of a relationship.

75. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble maker ;)


76. Kissed a stranger: yes

77. Drank hard liquor: yes

78. Lost glasses/contacts: Don't need them.

79. Sex on first date: yes

80. Broken someone's heart: All the time

81. Had your own heart broken: I don't think so...

82. Been arrested: Not going to happen

83. Turned someone down: Twice a week

84. Cried when someone died: When I was really little, one of the girls on my street had her dad die of a heart attack. I went to the funeral and saw his dead body. I couldn't stop crying.

85. Fallen for a friend?: Yes


86. Yourself: Always

87. Miracles: Not miracles, but unlikely events.

88. Love at first sight: Love? Nah. But I'm sure the feeling of wanting to fuck someone happens instantly.

89. Heaven: Nope

90. Santa Claus: Never did.

91. Kiss on the first date: Usually at least once.

92. Angels: Zeah is an angel.


93. Had more than one bf/gf at a time?: Not officially.

95. Did you sing today?: Yes, I have a song by Bush stuck in my head.

96. Ever cheated on somebody?: I don't believe in cheating.

97. If you could go back in time, how far would you go, and why?: Never look back. There's no reason to change the past. I like who I am today.

98. If you could pick a day from last year and relive it, what would it be: The first 4 months were Okay.

99. Are you afraid of falling in love?: Afraid? Nope. Cautious.

100. Posting this as 100 truths?: Sure, why not. This is your fault Alice.

dream log.. weird foreign shop

at a gas station with my mom and there were a bunch of weird foreign shopkeepers. the gas station was penned in with a fence. there was a wire on one side with my mom's umbrella hanging from it. she seemed to have been here before and left it. my dad assured her that they'd let her keep it here for weeks but my mom was convinced that the service would be worse if she did.

one of the shopkeepers had freaky mixtures of medicine with random fruits and colors

my mom gave me a bunch of money (~$700) for letting her live with me.
she said she based it off minimum wage at publix and her own calculations
(which is strange because none of my family has ever worked at publix)

my dad was there and he perked up when he saw my mom handing me money and wanted some

my mom was fixing something on her car at the time so she said something like

"maybe you can find something useful to do for money"

my dad disappeared and the weird medicine/herbal nonsense lady came over

i thought at first that she was indian but by the end she was very chinese

at the beginning there was a guy being thrown down on a seat like the shop owner was testing the guy's back. i remember seeing his business cards. they were oversize and deep blue. it was raining slightly because i thought about that and noticed the cards were laminated.

before the gas station we ( mom and dad) were driving in a car and my mom was worried about some camera in her license plate

my dad told her just to pull over and get it replaced, then bill the county (this is how we ended up at the weird ass gas station with foreign shops)

before that there was something else wrong.. but i don't remember.

after my dad disappared, my mom made a deal with the devil medicine lady and bought something for me too.

i was laying on my back for some reason and the lady started talking to me like she was a fortune teller

she said i was destructive and reckless

then she started swabbing my mouth with an orange.. but backed away quickly and started cursing

i was like.. are you done now? and i walked away.

i moved my tongue around my mouth and the lower left quadrant of teeth just fell out in my hand

it looked like a wolf's skull fragment.

i saw it and said a few things to my mom (who was walking beside me)

and that's when i woke up..

Taylor Nichole Hewitt Vs. the Truth [Conversation]

Taylor Nichole Hewitt you might mean well but how you come off is kinda more of a attack and joke then anything else.Almost like a bully picking on a kid at school.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt you have your points, just be the bigger man when expressing your ideas.

Joe Jiko „Taylor try not to be so judgmental. I know exactly what I'm doing.

Christian Ariel Joe is like Hunter Moore but without nudes.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt yes I know you know, and that's why it saddens me, everyone finds joy from picking on people for there beliefs, may they be wrong or not, people are people.People have feelings.And watching the world around me I see nothing but people making excuses as to why they bully the other.They may be at fault as well.But you post enough things for me to read to see you attack people for grammar for how fat they are and for there beliefs. Then make a joke out of it all with a bunch of girls who wanna brown nose you backing you up. Its sad. They may start things with you or you start things with them.But in the end your being a bully whose antagonizing people, trying to make them break down then post there point of breaking down online for everyone to see.

Joe Jiko „Taylor it saddens me that you misunderstand so much..

Taylor Nichole Hewitt I just read. My best subject is comprehension. You have alot more in you then to fall to that level, your talented and you have skills. If someones bothering you or trying to bring out the worst in you delete them. Don't let it get to a point where then you are the bully then.

Joe Jiko „Taylor your comprehension skills have failed you here. I'm a lot more complex then you perceive me to be. Also, you've totally got my purpose wrong. I'm not in the habit of explaining myself.. so I'll let you figure it out on your own.. or not. Whatever.

Joe Jiko „Taylor as a side note, your condescension is kind of annoying.

Skylar „^ I was about to bring up her being condescending lol.

Joe Jiko Her first mistake was "everyone finds joy from picking on people for their beliefs"

Taylor Nichole Hewitt water under the bridge for me, you just don't like people having other views then you.Im pretty sure if I was fat you all would be attacking me now about that. Delete me if you want. And if anything I complimented you.Re read why don't you?

Joe Jiko „Taylor you don't know me at all.. :/ I LOVE people having other views than I do. I don't care if you're fat or not.. I've never "attacked" anyone for being fat and I wouldn't delete you unless you were babbling abusive nonsense at me or someone else. Pay attention next time.

Skylar Honestly, what is the point of trying to analyze how a person thinks or acts over Facebook? You don't seem sweet or caring, your comprehension and "complimenting" skills are atrocious. You were anything but complementing him, you are being condescending and arrogant. It's like saying "Oh, you look a lot better with your hair down". You're not particularly being direct with your insult, but it's there. And here you are going "but you post enough things for me to read.." who the hell gives a fuck about what you read? It's as though you're saying you're in a higher position in which you have been given the right to judge his views and actions, which you don't approve of. And that, is being condescending. So no, you're not complementing anyone.
Skylar Sheen And what exactly are you doing by commenting on this status and calling him a bully? you're indirectly doing the same thing he's doing, but you're trying to mask it by being the hero.

Joe Jiko „Skylar stop brown nosing ;)

Skylar oh yeah, brown nosing because I'm right :c

Joe Jiko „Skylar nah you're probably just saying that for my D ♥

Skylar oh yeah give it to me

Taylor Nichole Hewitt I read back not long ago about a girl you and your girl pow wow were making fun of and of your one friends phobia of fat. And I never said I was better I just said it was sad. please make sure you don't put words in peoples mouths its a rather nasty habit of a small minded people, I said joe has amazing skills and talents and is above these antics of a highschooler. You all should know beauty ages dies, but ignorance does not. I knew by giving my option I would be attacked for it, oh well. oh and joe? your over conceited-ness is rather annoying, if not extremely unattractive.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt Though I would still like to be friends with you Joe you do have a brilliant mind, I would just hope you would do some meditation on the word kindness. A heart doesn't need to be filled with pain hurt or hate.Kindness is the only way to peace, but it can be a lonely road though because of it.

Joe Jiko „Taylor I'm not opposed to the idea. However, we can't be friends until you stop assuming things about me that aren't true. Also, I don't care if you don't find me attractive.. I'm not trying to attract anyone ;)

Joe Jiko I ♥ Caitlyn even if she's lurkinnnn :P

Taylor Nichole Hewitt well I don't care if you find me annoying so I guess we are at draw here sir. and don't winky face me, you love the attention these girls throw at you, you are but a man in the end. And if you want me to stop assuming things then be the bigger man, prove me wrong. And next time you wanna laugh go watch a comedy or read one instead of laughing at someones mistakes. or go on 4chan that place was made for shits and giggles

Taylor Nichole Hewitt not to mention nudes

Taylor Nichole Hewitt lol

Joe Jiko Assumptions, sexist comments, and condescension. I'm done replying to you on this.

Skylar I really can't get over how condescending everything sounds. "you are but a man in the end".

Skylar though that's more sexism than being condescending, but I digress

Taylor Nichole Hewitt that was ment to be playful but it is the truth you seem to forget Iv spoken to you before with a friend on stickam, so I know very well

Taylor Nichole Hewitt you even had the d gray man lines on your face at the time

Caitlyn Taylor... You're being rude and making yourself look rather uneducated.... And yes Joe i'm lurkin.. Lol. I find your "over conceited-ness" extremely entertaining. And the people you attract that choose to argue with you... Also entertaining. If you're conceited because you're usually right and you know it, more power to you :)

Joe Jiko „Taylor as I said before, you don't know me at all.

Caitlyn Lol but i'm curious.... Where do you find these people??

Taylor Nichole Hewitt girls if you don't mind im having a convo with him not you last time i checked. and Joe thats why I said prove me wrong.

Joe Jiko „Taylor why would I prove you wrong? Whatever you think or say doesn't make it true.. so as the courts say "innocent until proven guilty" You can't prove what you say is true.. because it's not. & Caitlyn the Internetz lol. I guess they kind of accumulate over time.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt Well I am right considering you v had me on your shit for 4 years and all you and your friends nag about is stupid bitch this and fat bitch that and look at this retard you all sound like children grow up, behind all that photoshop you all look exactly like you act on the inside

Joe Jiko „Taylor LOL your perception of my posts for 4 years does not constitute fact. You're incredibly biased and your opinions are unfounded. So.. I'll be disregarding them. If you have an actual legit concern, you're welcome to contact me privately.

Caitlyn Lol all I did hunny was offer my opinion... Last time I checked you were doing the same. Pot calling the kettle black? Learn some humility sweetheart.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt i just cant handle this type of stupid, i thought i could go about this civilly but fuck it I dont need to see negative shit before me everyday. I will do the pleasure of deleting myself you blind people are ugly on the inside, and when your older maby then will you finally remember my words, and fuck i feel like the lorax speaking for the trees

Joe Jiko Saw that coming. Don't let the digital door hit ya on the way out!

Taylor Nichole Hewitt dont worry ill make sure to lick it for good measure and take a shit while im at it =)\

Joe Jiko You know, they say stupid people think they're smarter than they really are.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt like u

Joe Jiko I never called you stupid.. and you're the one who said I was brilliant. Good job with the contradiction again ;)

Joe Jiko Now stop being a bully before you leave.. the irony is making me sick.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt one can be brilliant at skills but stupid at heart

Taylor Nichole Hewitt oooo u are soo lucky u live 3 hours away from me

Caitlyn Yea, lol, who is being conceited now? Wow. Anyways Joe.... How's your week been? Excited for the weekend?

Joe Jiko I'm neither.. and I have the IQ tests, awards, and grades to prove it. What do you have?

Taylor Nichole Hewitt i live near both of you thats wat i have

Joe Jiko SERIOUSLY. AND violent threats? You Taylor Nichole Hewitt are a moron. G'day.

Taylor Nichole Hewitt iv never said anything violent

Taylor Nichole Hewitt i know the law

Taylor Nichole Hewitt and iv copied your bullies for years now

Taylor Nichole Hewitt and i was guna do a report on it

Taylor Nichole Hewitt but thought id talk to you first but now im guna let my editor have there own fun

Joe Jiko That's amusing. Go for it :)

Taylor Nichole Hewitt i will, but all i will say is "outlaws"


Summary: I'm a bully because I talk about fat people and grammar.. Erm, did you see any proof of me attacking anyone? Oh well, personal opinion is enough to throw him in the slammer!

My favorite parts are the asides :)

Taylor's profile can be found here --> [link]

If you've got something to add, feel free to leave a message after the beep......



Retard of the day #2 5/24 - Summer Rae Stephens

"You shouldn't fuck with peoples' morals" - Summer Rae Stephens

Somebody please explain to me where I'm "fucking with peoples' morals" here? What does explaining that everything has sex have to do with challenging his beliefs?

And so what if I "fuck with people's morals"?

Challenging people in their beliefs serves to either:
1) help people understand each other better and 2) help a person understand their beliefs better.

If you can't stand up for what you believe in, you probably don't believe it very strongly anyway.

Note: Facebook deleted this post because she's obviously a pussy and reported it. Sadly, the entire discussion was lost. Oh well. I believe in freedom of speech, so feel free to start a new one in a space that I control :)

"Sex is between a husband and wife" Retard Of The Day 5/24

Taken from the discussion on Facebook as of 5/25 at 10am  [link]

Can we say Idiot? c:

Joe Jiko I should've said "sex is between all organic creatures" but the concept still applies.

Kelsey Im technically a Christian and I am absolutely embarrassed by his comment ><

Kayla Agreed, Some people just don't have any commn sense, Mr.Mike here is a prime example. That's all in a book, no common sense or knowledge of his own was applied here. lol

Wesley Bad ass over here.

Melissa You know, we all should feel sad for Mikey. Clearly he grew up in an atmosphere that was so opressive that this is what he truly believes. It's horrifying, really.

Joe Jiko I'm just irritated that people continue to associate something as physical as sex to something as far from physical as possible (love)

Timothy in the end, we're all animals

Joe Jiko I would say "in the beginning"

Timothy beginning---->end

Summer Rae Stephens Or he's faithful to his fucking religion?

* note: several of her posts were removed. *

Joe Jiko If you can't keep your opinion from being abusive, don't post it.

Melissa Being faithful to your religion and preaching a definition of what 'sex is' on the internet are two different things. In my own humble opinion, faith should be very personal and private; true faith anyway.

Joe Jiko I blocked her from posting. She's just being unnecessarily offensive and adding nothing to the topic :)

Chris um i am a christian but all i know is that when i go buy a car i want to test drive it before i buy it casue i dont want to be stuck with payments on a car i dont like not dont get me wrong i am not saying girls are cars but its the only thing i could think of!!!lol

Timothy you dont need to have religion to be faithful

Joe Jiko Lol or we can just have sex because it's fun and recreational.. like soccer!

Living I like how religious people always focus on female sexuality. Even with good intentions, it only serves to further surpress female sexuality and the gender as a whole.

Joe Jiko„ Living this was actually taken from a post about teen pregnancy.

Melissa I was re-reading Mikeys post, he said "and I thank GOD that she didn't get pregnant' I have two issues with this: 1. Were they not using protection, he has slept with at least two girls (so he implied) 2. What about the miracle of life? He being a man of faith? his statement almost seems to contradict his religious feelings, imo.

Chris we all have choice do what you want. my religion is about me and my god if you dont want to believe in it then that your choice who am i to tell you your wrong we should all do what make us happy, have fun in life its how we learn, grow,an find out the truth about life. but some religions says we have choice but they make it seem like we dont cause we are wrong if we dont follow them. we only live once why not make the best of it!!!

Joe Jiko It's always a contradiction and condescension with people like this. "I'm better than you because I do this and you do that"

Melissa which is funny that he is preaching when allegedly he has commited the same 'sin' he just feels guilt for doing what he wanted to do in the first place. I am not saying he didn't have good intentions with the females he was with or not, only that its absurd for him to feel that if a single female were to get pregnant that they need to repent... does he also repent? why heck does anyone need to feel sorry... if you have an accidental baby, you're likely going to have a challenging road ahead... as well as a blessing... after all, you did create a life.

Joe Jiko Well said Melissa :) Tolerance is a beautiful thing.

Wesley starburst,

Joe Jiko https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150829022436951&set=a.140314486950.121343.513086950&type=1

Shelby I don't think he meant anything bad by it.

Joe Jiko They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Wesley but not screen capturing another persons opinions to be ridiculed. that's a one way trip to heaven.

Melissa I don't think he did either, but i also don't think he truly grasps what he is saying, or how it could come off.

Joe Jiko „Wesley actually, as long as one believes in god.. it doesn't matter what acts they perform in life. So I hear.

Wesley isn't it all just what we hear? he's right and so are you. you don't need to believe in god to justify being a good person and living your life as full as you and no one else deems fit.

Joe Jiko I never said I disagreed.

Wesley regardless, im friends with god on facebook and i think he just screen captured us. so i think we all just became idiots of the day.

Wesley Retards* mb

Joe Jiko Ahahaha :)

Melissa I think it's important to expand your moral sphere. It really takes an intellectual person to question everything you've been taught or brainwashed into believing. I wish more people would believe in being broad minded with clear eyes and full hearts. I pray that this conservative and judging mentality changes, that sex is between one man and one woman... as far as marriage, people have the right to vote against mine which is extremely disheartening, but something I try my best to not focus on. On a deeper level, his post is extremely offensive even if he didn't mean it to be. I feel bad for him, and others that are similar to him because I feel that they are trapped by their so-called faith. I also find it interesting how everyone claims to know that GOD's intentions are/were.

Living „^this girl is fucking awesome
15 hours ago

Alicia Using retard as an insult is abusive and ignorant. Remember that next time you want to criticize someone.

Joe Jiko „Alicia it's an attention grabber. Don't take it personally :)

Joe Jiko Remember, the word means "slow"

Melissa ^ that is a fair statement. There is person I work with that always says... this is retarded, or that she herself is retarded. sometimes i count how many times a day she says it. One day, she said it 30 times... we have 9 hour work days with an hour for lunch... so including lunch time, that is 3.33 times an HOUR! It is actually offensive, my girlfriend actually brought it to my attention about 2 years ago... and i try my best to never say it. But until someone brought to my attention, i never thought about it that way.

Aaron Alright we ALL know this kid is lying... hes either still a virgin or choking on the dick every night

Joe Jiko It's only offensive if you choose to let it be. Words have multiple meanings. For example, "saw". is it a table "saw" or was it something you "saw"? In that sense, the word "retard" now has two meanings.


Feel free to add your $0.02

Lunch with Mom and family at sweet tomatoes [Photos]

Went to lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with my mom for Mother's day. It's a salad buffet type of restaurant with a great selection and one of the only places in America that have green tea. My mom is so great :) As we were leaving, an older couple stopped us in surprise at all the kids in our company. My sister is a mom too with her three kids. The stranger couldn't believe that my mom is a grandmother! Whenever I go out in public with my mom,  everyone thinks that she's my sister. Guess I won't have to worry about aging!

I uploaded the photos to Piwigo. Click here to visit the gallery.

Automatic Sentence Warp! [Customer Vocab]

Steven S
"On the second page, under the Texas Tours Menu header, the last line is missing the word Houston. It must have vanished on the automatic sentence warp."

Joe Jiko
[10:25 am] sentence warp!

Steven S
[10:25 am] automatic sentence warp!
[10:26 am] in the space time continuum

Joe Jiko
[10:26 am] flux capacitor

Choices [Poem]

here the rain falls down outside
like it can't make up its mind.

should i stay or should i fall?
falling past this inner wall

just to do it all again
cycling to no end

everything turns out to be
something of uncertainty

and i have a choice to make
be it not a big mistake

now i'm falling to the ground
i see the people all around

all their faces turned to me
with the same uncertainty.

21 Jun, 2008

Is it illegal to avoid a red light by turning into a parking lot? [Traffic Laws]

I was pulled over by a cop at 2am who told me that this was illegal. Somebody please explain to me how this could possibly be illegal? (see drawing below)

He walked up to me as I was taking off my helmet. I had my bluetooth headset on and I bumped the "play" button by accident as he approached me so I couldn't hear what he said. After I fumbled it off, he said "That little stunt you pulled, ducking behind that truck into the mexican store to avoid the light,"  "OK", I said, "Yeah, you can't do that. It's not safe. You come out turning on 62nd and you get splattered". Seriously dude? It's 2am! There are NO cars on the road.  I looked both ways. I made a safe turn onto a road. He took my license (I didn't have my registration with me), and came back with this:

He made me wait for a really, really long time. My guess is that he was trying to think of something to nail me with. He came back talking about the total charges coming to over $500 including the "red light violation" and how he was going to "cut me a break" by not charging me with the red light violation. The obnoxious part is, I didn't violate a red light! He never should've pulled me over. Once he had me pulled over, he got me for not having my registration (which I can get dropped when I go to the court house and show it to them. I'll have to pay a $10 administrative fee, of course) and for wearing a headset under my helmet (the non-moving violation). So, now I get to go to court and hope that the judge notices I've had my scooter for a total of 2 days and the cop shouldn't have come down so hard on someone who was genuinely doing nothing wrong. Don't they have donuts they should be eating or something?

Leave your comments below :)

Wearing headphones while riding a Scooter is illegal [Florida Law]

[caption id="attachment_943" align="alignleft" width="300"] bluetooth stereo headset[/caption]

In Florida it's illegal to wear headphones or a headset while on a motorcycle/scooter. It's a $116 non-moving violation. The only exception to the rule is if you're wearing a helmet with a headset built into it for cellular use; However, it has to only cover one ear.

Here's the excerpt from the Florida statute:
316.304 Wearing of headsets.–
(1) No person shall operate a vehicle while wearing a headset, headphone, or other listening device, other than a hearing aid or instrument for the improvement of defective human hearing.

with exception:
(d) Any person using a headset in conjunction with a cellular telephone that only provides sound through one ear and allows surrounding sounds to be heard with the other ear.

It would appear that this applies to ALL vehicles (including bicycles?). Well, now you know.

Scooter Squad's first encounter with rain [Weather]

Today, the Scooter Squad (the name is a work in progress), John Hathaway and myself, decided to travel to the local Wing House for our lunch. As we were leaving, I noticed the sky was heavy with rain clouds. I pointed out these ominous clouds to John who, speaking with this stomach, waved them away. We disregarded the clouds and set forth to our destination. It was barely 5 minutes down the road when the rain hit us! Tiny, needle-like drops pelting us at forty miles per hour. Neither of us had proper rain gear, so we rode vulnerably in our hoodies. Needless to say, we were soaked within a very short time. We diverted to a Walmart with a gas station on the same side of the road for cover and waited until it cleared.
In Florida, it's very common to run into patches of heavy to mild to nonexistant rainfall in a matter of feet. It was literally raining in front of us while being clear behind us! I took the opportunity to spend a dollar to fill up my gas tank and then we proceeded to Wing House. Nothing else exciting after that. We ordered some boneless wings and went home to enjoy!