What is your IQ?


asked by anonymous

Something I don't talk about. IQ is a made up number to quantify and categorize people. I'd rather not seem to be any more intimidating than people already seem to find me to be just because of a number.

Mr. Joe have you ever thought about being illustrator for a children's book? Do you sell your drawings cause they are awesome :)


asked by anonymous

I'm actually planning to illustrate a children's book! It's going to be a nightmare that turns out being beautiful and full of unique monsters. Scheming to do this in collaboration with other artists. It'd be cool if it ended up being something interactive. I don't sell my drawings and I have no plans to. If I ever do, I'll do it for people I support and will give them away without cost. I also plan to some day make apparel or accessories.

are you straight?


asked by anonymous

I don't believe in gay or straight.

What is your favorite color?


asked by anonymous

I don't have an absolute favorite color. I find colors to be more attractive depending on their context.

Are you into anime?


asked by anonymous

I'm into all art. Anime is no exception.

What are some of your favorite books?


asked by anonymous

I'm dying for the last book in the Wheel of Time series "A Memory of Light" to release. It's scheduled for January 8th!

Does a bear shit in the woods?


asked by anonymous

Undoubtedly, a bear that lives in woods will shit in the woods. Next question.

Why do we have nipples?


asked by anonymous

Looks like a Google question to me.

How big is your heart?


asked by anonymous

Please clarify "big". Do you mean in terms of volume, area, circumference, or? Regardless, I've never had my heart ripped out and measured because I need it to pump my blood. So nevermind.

Who's better, Batman or Iron Man?


asked by anonymous

Iron Man! Batman has so many personal issues and he's all brutey. He also has Lucius Fox do everything cool for him. Lucius Fox should be the real hero. Oh, and my personality is pretty much a mirror of Tony Stark.